12-15 october 2023
World Congress for Climate Justice



Hello from the World Congress for Climate Justice Network.
Something huge is going to happen this month:

The ex-employees of GKN in Florence need support to end the year with a success!

A lot of work has been done since 2 years of factory occupation, and they are now in the tie break!

The GKN employees have until New Year’s Eve to raise €1 million in €100 shares so that their cooperative can see the light.
10,000 shares at €100 from now and 11.59pm on 31 December to make their transition project a reality!

Are you unfamiliar with this struggle? We’ll explain in a few lines:

  • for 2 years the employees of the GKN automotive and aerospace plant in Florence have been fighting because the owner wants to close the plant;
  • the well-organised employees occupied the plant as soon as the management hostilities began;
  • they have drawn up a conversion plan for the future, producing cargo bikes and solar panels. Eventually, they also plan to produce batteries using an innovative lithium-free process;
  • Around 6 months ago, the employees were officially fired, which strengthened them. So they set up the GKN For Future cooperative, and now they’re asking for our support to help it get off the ground!

Would you like to become a co-op member? The application documents are attached. Please fill them in and return them with a photocopy of your identity card. If you join for less than 5 shares, you will be asked to take part in a video meeting to form groups in 2024. If you have 5 or more shares, you are directly represented with a full voting stake in the co-op, which is available for collectives as well. If the project is unsuccessful, you will be reimbursed.

Would you like to support them but not become a subscriber? You can make a donation to this bank account RIB / IBAN (Aps Soms Insorgiamo): IT75E0501802800000017261280. The money will be used to finance popular shareholding in order to start self-managed production for the ecological and social conversion of the factory. If the project does not succeed, you will be reimbursed.

Would you like to support them? Spread the word about this struggle by sharing these messages on your networks. Please share, share, share.

GFF workers are in the future, let’s join them!
Support GKN. Contribute to shape a collective dream to let hope shape your dream of a post-capitalistic world!

More information on the fight:

> Official Website: insorgiamo.org
> Cargo bikes project info: https://insorgiamo.org/cargo-bike/
> Subscription webpage: https://insorgiamo.org/100×10-000/
> A PDF with all the details translated in ITA, ENG, FRA, DEU

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