12-15 october 2023
World Congress for Climate Justice

Earth Social Conference 23′ Colombia

Outreach Kit V4 Earth Social Conference 23′ Colombia Introduction Hey there! We need your support to reach to all groups and people around the world! This is the moment. We don’t have a second to waste. We need to talk face to face and build real plans to pull the emergency break. COP is Broken, […]

Aiutaci a realizzare questa folle impresa: partecipa alla raccolta fondi

Il World Congress for Climate Justice sta portando a Milano delegate e delegati dai principali movimenti di giustizia climatica della Terra, ma per farlo abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto, soprattutto per accogliere le/i climattivisti dall’Africa, dalle Americhe e dall’Asia Meridionale. Il Congresso si terrà da giovedì 12 ottobre a domenica 15 ottobre, nei chiostri della Statale e […]

The Congress is flying and Milano assembles

here has been a surge of interest for Milano World Congress for Climate Justice: we have recently received formal backing from Ende Gelaende, Rise Up Movement Africa, Stay Grounded Network, Rete Ecosocialista, and delegations from Defend Atlanta Forest (U.S.A.), Yasunidos (Ecuador), Parents for Future (Germany) and many other climate movements of the Earth will attend. […]

The Benefit Season has started!

With last Saturday’s Climate Justice Party at Piano Terra (it ended at 3 AM;) which will welcome the delegates of WCCJ on October 12 (fuck columbus), the benefit season has started in Milano. There are already three other events scheduled. On Wed June 21, Start-of-Summer Aperitivo Climattivo at Bottiglieria Popolare, in the Navigli/Tortona hood (very […]

Building climate justice

Thursday, May 18, 2023, Piazza Scaravilli, Bologna In October 2023, the World Congress for Climate Justice will take place in Milan, Italy, where delegates from all walks of life and from around the world will come together to arrive at common strategies. In these months in Bologna, we want to build a path forward, which […]