12-15 october 2023
World Congress for Climate Justice


The Congress is flying and Milano assembles

here has been a surge of interest for Milano World Congress for Climate Justice: we have recently received formal backing from Ende Gelaende, Rise Up Movement Africa, Stay Grounded Network, Rete Ecosocialista, and delegations from Defend Atlanta Forest (U.S.A.), Yasunidos (Ecuador), Parents for Future (Germany) and many other climate movements of the Earth will attend. For instance, have been following closely and/or participating in the struggles of Soulèvements de la Terre, the movement network now declared illegal by the French government.

(for a constantly updated list of movements officially endorsing: http://www.wccj.online/en/2023/05/07/movements-joining-delegations-forming-end-fossil-happening-2/)

In Italy, we went to Bologna for the “we dug in the mud” demo after the climate disaster in Romagna (and took the mike), and we’ll go to the Torino Climate Social Camp on July 27 with an info desk.

But before that, all the social centers and eco collectives of Milan will congregate on July 12 at Cascina Torchiera for the last dash before the congress (delegations, food, accommodation, demos, actions, money and other headaches;)

We have started doing tickets for the East Africa delegation and soon we’ll proceed with the Americas. An all-news channel of Dhaka (Bangladesh) will be covering the proceedings, as well as Italian professional photographers and media activists from Argentina. These are just some of the wondrous things that have happened over the last few weeks. We have also managed to raise more than 2,000 euros with our benefits – we’re still wide off the mark, but it’s an encouraging start. Please donate if you can and see you in Milan! https://www.produzionidalbasso.com/project/milano-world-congress-for-climate-justice-12-15-oct/