12-15 october 2023
World Congress for Climate Justice


The Benefit Season has started!

With last Saturday’s Climate Justice Party at Piano Terra (it ended at 3 AM;) which will welcome the delegates of WCCJ on October 12 (fuck columbus), the benefit season has started in Milano. There are already three other events scheduled. On Wed June 21, Start-of-Summer Aperitivo Climattivo at Bottiglieria Popolare, in the Navigli/Tortona hood (very popular with Gen Z, apparently:)

While on Sat June 24 (Pride Day in Milano), there Torchiera Climate Justice Queer Fest, in the namesake Cascina of the 1500s, a piece of squatted rural/urban bliss run by ecolibertarian collectives for more than two decades. We’ll have agroecologist market and a debate with the most important ecological collectives behind WCCJ before eating, drinking and dancing together https://www.facebook.com/events/1635584733626812

Between the two, there will be another meeting of the organizing committee at Ecolab, in the Statale cloisters where the Congress will be held. Rise Up Movement Africa is officially backing the congress, and there will be delegations from Defend Atlanta Forest and Futuros Indigenas. We’ve already invited hundreds of activists and most have responded enthusiastically.


Back to benefits (ostensibly the subject of the article;), Dino’s Trattoria Anarchica is hosting a special dinner on Thu July 13 to support WCCJ after having already hosted a presentation. The whole of the Milanese movement is helping every way they can. The situation is dire and the fascists are in Rome. Many of us are going to the national demo organized by Bologna for Climate Justice (an initial backer of the world conress) for June 17, when the volunteers in boots will throw the mud they dug in Romagna to the regional authorities that have made the countryside and the cities of Emilia-Romagna extremely vulnerable to copious rainfall due to global warming.