12-15 october 2023
World Congress for Climate Justice


Basic plan and logistics for WCCJ

One day of artivist workshops, one day of activist seminars, one day of thematic assemblies, and the revolutionary grand finale with rave on Saturday and Sunday. It all happens in Milano’s Social Spaces and State University between Thursday, October 12 (fuck columbus) and Sunday October 15.

All the Milanese climate activism (XR, Ecologia Politica, Scientist Rebellion, Ultima Generazione, OffTopic, Comitato Acqua etc) as well as Bologna for Climate Justice and Torino Climate Sociale Camp are inviting anticapitalist climate movements from Europe, Africa, and the rest of the world for three days and a half of exchanges, debates, deliberations, resolutions, campaigns, common slogans and intellectual buzzwords.

The organization will cover travel costs for and provide lodging to the 300+ delegates. Good food, vegan and non-vegan, will also be given to delegates for free (starting with the awesome Aperitivo Decoloniale at Piano Terra, for some Campari initiation to Milanese activism;). Although we’re on a string budget, the organizing committee intends to subsidize travel for all non-Italian delegates, starting from those that come from the South of the world or underprivileged backgrounds.

The Thematic and Plenary Assemblies on Oct 14-15 are the core of the World Congress for Climate Justice, which we hope will be repeated in another city of Earth. Every Thematic Assembly has a curator/moderator and a panel of 3/4 persons that will provide a brief introduction (20 min total) on the subject of discussion. Delegates can then intervene for a maximum of 3 minutes each (reminder after 2 min). The panels for the 2 Plenary Assemblies will be composed on the basis of the Saturday discussions.

We have completed the program and we will soon publish it. We give a very special thanks to Transnational Social Strike Platform, Fridays for Future Lisbon, Climaximo (there’s an accent) and Climate Strike Switzerland whom have all officially endorsed WCCJ. We are in contact with ums Ganze, Soulèvements de la Terre, Ende Gelaende, Interventionistische Linke, Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, Defend Atlanta Forest, Rise Up Uganda and they will all participate in some revolutionary way or another. Anyway the process to invite the two hundred delegates has just started and we still need to hear from our “ambassadors” in Spain, Canada, Argentina, Japan.

Love and climate justice from Italy, a country where ravers, queers and climate activists are under naziliberal threat