12-15 october 2023
World Congress for Climate Justice

Movements joining, Delegations forming, End Fossil happening

In Milano there’s fervent activity ahead of the world congress in October. After the red week (April 25 – May 1) which saw great demonstrations, festivals and parades to mark the Resistance against nazists and fascists and May Day to celebrate the precarious class and the technoprecariat, the organizing committee met at Piano Terra under […]

Milano starts Climate Congress process

Eco-collectives launch process towards congress for climate justice at Milano State University FFF Milano, XR Milano, Ultima Generazione, Ecologia Politica, Piano Terra, Macao, Scientist Rebellion Italia, Associazione Rurale Italiana (ARI), OffTopic, Libreria Leoncavallo, Institute of Radical Imagination, Comitato Acqua Pubblica, Our Voice, Terraviva gathered yesterday to discuss the early steps of the World Congress for […]

Basic plan and logistics for WCCJ

One day of artivist workshops, one day of activist seminars, one day of thematic assemblies, and the revolutionary grand finale with rave on Saturday and Sunday. It all happens in Milano’s Social Spaces and State University between Thursday, October 12 (fuck columbus) and Sunday October 15. All the Milanese climate activism (XR, Ecologia Politica, Scientist […]

Activist Milano and social media for the Congress

World Congress for Climate Justice Milano, October 12-15, 2023 Since 2019, Milano has been one of the epicenters of the European climate movement. In a country now ruled by former fascists, Milano stands out for voting to the left and defending its antifa and queer identity against the Meloni government, heavily biased in favor of […]

The Transnational Social Strike endorses Climate Justice Congress in Milano!

In its meeting in Frankfurt on February 10-12, the TSS Platform in its concluding assembly embraced the project of the World Congress for Climate Justice to constitute “the radical faction of the climate front” out of the forces that compose this transcontinental network (130 activists from all of Europe, including London, Paris, Lisbon, Bologna, Warsaw […]